Sweat: There’s Nothing Sweeter

Are you sweating enough during your workout? If not, START!

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Sweat: There’s Nothing Sweeter (Image Source: Medical Daily)

I LOVE to sweat at the gym. I was always jealous when my partner would leave with his clothes drenched and I hardly even broke a sweat (even though I worked hard and could hardly move).

I started to experiment with water intake and supplements. So far, I have found that the more water I am drinking, the more I sweat. However, by excreting sweat I need to replace it. So I have to keep those fluids up! I also found that certain pre-workouts make you sweat like an animal.

Recently, I consumed Nutrex: Outlift before my leg session and I couldn’t believe how stimulated I was. I was raring to go- mind, body, and soul! A couple of sets into squats and the sweat was pouring out. It was sensational!

But, not everyone likes to sweat. What are the pros and cons of sweating?


Oh yeah, endorphins are the hormones that make you feel amazing when you sweat. While you might be in pain and groaning throughout a workout session, I guarantee once you finish and catch your breath you will have a feel good smile!

Most people are always on the hunt for the latest trick in detoxifying their body and spend a lot of money on products that claim to cleanse your insides. But a cheap way to detox and cleanse is to sweat all the toxins out and trust me, it works!

When your body overheats, you start to sweat so it can be regulated. This is beneficial, especially when you’re challenging yourself to a full-on session. You wouldn’t want to overheat, would you?


One word: Deodorant. Besides, I don’t think it would be normal if you smelt like a bed of roses in a gym. If you’re worried you smell and you stand out, then don’t. Because chances are someone else smells worse than you and they don’t care. While you’re worrying about your stank, you’re losing focus and gains!

Ok, so does anyone else get sweat rash and pimples? Nothing makes me more excited than to exfoliate after a gym session and to moisturise! I suppose you have to give a little to get a little right? Without the hard work and sweat, you wouldn’t progress and become better.

Yep, you can taste it, it stings your eyes and when you lay down everything, I mean EVERYTHING sticks to you. TIP: Stand in front of a fan and drip dry.

Personally, I believe the pros outweigh the cons. And trust me, I get sweat rashes and pimples when I train, but you can’t be a pansy. Buy some deodorant, take a spare pair of clothes, and exfoliate after your session. SIMPLE.