Sad Affleck: When Was the Last Time You Died on the Inside?

Sad Affleck is the incarnation of your inner #melodrama.

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Batman Vs Superman

We need to keep it together. In front of our colleagues, our emotionally unhinged friends, our parents, our kids, our bosses. And we’re generally doing pretty well. Millennial poker faces on point.

Which is where Sad Affleck comes in.

Here are 5 situations where Sad Affleck says it all for you, when you can’t.

1. Attractive Barista Who Brushed Your Hand While Giving You Change: “Coffee for Melania…something?”
You, While Grabbing Coffee and Smiling Through the Pain: “My name is Malcolm.”

2. 3am Bar Crawl And You Finally Find An ATM, 4 Blocks Away: “Sorry. This ATM is out of service.”

3. Finally Finished That Paper and Hit Send at 11:59pm: “RE: Papers Were Due at 5pm. No Exceptions.”

4. Up For Promotion. Totally Rad Co-Worker Makes Eye Contact and Mouths, “Boss Just Told Me I Got It,” And Fist Pumps. You’re Not a Douche. So You Thumbs Up.

5. Receive Email From Publisher/Director/Creative Producer Accepting Your Work. But You’re in the Arts. And it’s April Fool’s Day.

When was the last time you died on the inside? Comment below!