3 Myths You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

The Truth About Mineral Makeup
The Truth About Mineral Makeup

Choosing a makeup product that’s right for your skin is not an easy task. In the maze of cosmetics on the market, it’s important to think wisely about what we’re putting on our skin – which just happens to be the biggest organ we own.

According to a survey by the Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses approximately 12 beauty products on a day-to-day basis, containing an alarming 168 chemicals. Considering these statistics, it makes sense that the demand for natural products, free from harmful chemicals, like mineral makeup is increasing.

But beware! Just because it says it’s natural mineral makeup, doesn’t automatically mean it’s safe for you, or natural.

We disprove 3 big myths about mineral makeup, and help you know what to look for to ensure you’re getting good products at a great value.


The properties for each mineral makeup are not the same, and may not actually be safe, particularly for sensitive skin. Rather than reading the front of the product, the ingredients list on the back is where the real tale is told. Some ‘natural’ products and mineral makeups still contain fillers, talc, and preservatives. So in a rush to go natural, you could be putting the very thing you are trying to avoid onto your skin.

Do your research to know what products you want to avoid, before you step into the department store. Only use products you can verify are free from toxic chemicals.

Scientist David Suzuki says in the cosmetics world there are some chemicals to watch out for – he calls them ‘the dirty dozen.’ If you are concerned about chemicals, keep an eye out for these in products:

David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen


Ladies, you heard it here. Not all mineral makeup slides right off the skin after an hour of application. This is a common myth about mineral makeup, and which is often borne from experience.

There are many popular brands of mineral makeup which women have found don’t have the colour intensity or staying power of their traditional counterparts.

Unfortunately, this means that many women are put off buying mineral makeup to wear for work or for special events. There’s nothing worse than catching your reflection in the mirror and looking like you have no makeup on at all – especially at a wedding or formal. Or worse, that you have panda eyes!

But THERE ARE mineral brands out there on the market which fiercely rival traditional makeup for staying power.

Shop around to find one that says it does the job, and road test it for yourself. The beauty of finding a makeup which is all-natural and long-lasting, is that while it’s lasting all day on your skin, it is not doing you any harm in the process.


Mineral makeup should not be complicated! If the product is truly natural, then it should be able to cross over to be used on the eyes, lips or face. Your eye colour can become a great lip tint applied under clear gloss, your lip colour can be applied across the cheeks for a little shimmer, or on the eyelid for a sheer, summery glow.

Unless you have the time before a big night out, or a special event to really glam up for – your beauty/makeup routine should be quick and easy to achieve. Many women think they need many different products, when often all they really need is some clever techniques that they can incorporate into their busy morning routine.