Hokay, So: Do You Remember the First Viral Video? (Still F***ing Hilarious)

“FIRE ZE MISSILES.” Bet you haven’t thought about that in 10 years.

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Funny Viral Video

Before “What’s Trending,” before facebook, before Snapchat, hashtags, and livestreaming, there was this painstakingly crafted and voiced animation.


Get home from school. Throw your backpack (and Lily Frank Binder) into the corner of the room and miss the bed. Get in front of your computer on the rolly chair. Wait for AOL to do its BEEP BOOP BEEP thing. And watch this video.

Proceed to call up your best friend on your Nokia flip phone (or maybe one with a keyboard if you were lucky) and go through each iconic line.

This is 90s. Hear us roar.

What was your first viral video experience?

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Sam Ferrante is a poet, editor, facilitator, and writer born on Long Island, college-fed in Western New York and Paris, and then poetically raised in Buffalo, NY; Ireland; and Australia. A former member of the Pure Ink Poetry team in Buffalo and a regular competitor in Dublin's Slam Sunday, Sam was a Co-Creative Producer at Melbourne-based Slamalamadingdong in addition to serving on the Melbourne Spoken Word Committee. Sam has been published in Ghost City Press, Blowing Raspberries, and The Dirty Thirty Anthology and has been featured at The Owl & Cat Session, La Mama Poetica, Girls on Key, and White Night 2016 among others. Her debut book of poetry, Pick Me Up, got rave reviews from her Mom. She is currently the Editor of CrowdInk.