Office Job? Why you Should be Using Your Lunch Break to go for a Stroll

Get out of the office, stretch your legs and reap the benefits

Office Job? Why you Should be Using Your Lunch Break to go for a Stroll

The negative impacts of a sedentary desk job have been well documented, however, for most of us sitting at a desk for work is unavoidable. Using your lunchbreak to go for a stroll can be a significant way to combat the issues associated with a desk job. Here are some reasons a walk is so important.

Improve Brain Function and Focus

A lunchtime walk will help you perform better at work. Exercise will increase blood and oxygen circulation to your brain, which will help your concentration and mental processes when your get back to your work.

Lift Your Mood

Getting outside and going for a walk will help combat the afternoon slump. A study by the University of Birmingham found that office employees who incorporated a thirty-minute walk into their lunchbreak felt more enthusiastic, relaxed and less tense in the afternoon following their walks.

Increase Your Fitness

Walking is great exercise that is very important for your health. Regardless of whether you can fit a workout in during the day, humans need to move, and sitting for hours without doing so is bad for your health. Add 15-30 minutes of walking in during the day and you’ll see big benefits to your health and fitness.

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