How to Stick to Your Healthy Eating Goals

It’s time to re-commit to your goals

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Healthy Salad

Around this time of year your healthy eating goals can be forgotten along with all the other goals for the year.

Well now is the perfect time to re-commit to your goals. And following these handy tips will make it a little bit easier to commit and stay committed.

Plan out your meals

Prepare your meals at the start of the week and choose food you love! There’s no point prepping salads if you don’t enjoy them. For some extra inspiration you can scour out healthy food tag on Pinterest. If you love the food you’re eating and are excited, you’ll stay with the diet longer.

Get your friends involved

Get some reliable friends to help you with your journey and keep you motivated. You can share recipes and work out together. Plus it’s much harder to go off track, when you have friends committed to sticking to these goals with you.

Take your time

Make sure you eat everything sitting down, slowly and enjoy every bite. Don’t have any distractions while you eat, so put that iPhone away. You will have more of a focus on how good your food tastes and smells. This means you’ll become fuller quicker and enjoy your meals much more.

 Learn the difference between being hungry and bored

It can be very easy to start snacking when you’re bored so make sure you learn the difference between boredom and genuine hunger. Hunger is that empty feeling in your stomach when you haven’t eaten for a few hours, whereas boredom has a shallow feeling. When boredom strikes make sure you have some powerful distractions to turn your attention away from food.

Don’t let guilt get you down

If you do accidentally indulge in junk food, don’t feel too guilty about it. Just look at it as a small hurdle along the way and get back on the wagon. Remember why you started eating healthy, recommit and move on.