How to Achieve Health

It’s so damn simple.

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Achieve Health

How To Achieve Health

So now that the secret is out, how do you fix your health?

Firstly, stop following conventional wisdom when it comes to ‘health’.

Health does not come from taking a drug every day for the rest of your life. Nor does it come from eating foods unnatural to our environment. And it definitely doesn’t come from tracking every calorie you eat and step you take.

To achieve (or at least improve) your health you simply must let the body do what it wants and expects. 

The body doesn’t want (or expect) to:

  • Sit all day
  • Eat processed food laced with synthetic ingredients or from GMO crops
  • Stay up all night
  • Be surrounded by artificial light, technology, and pollutants
  • Be chronically stressed
  • Never be physically stressed
  • Not get sun
  • Not be exposed to the occasional stressor (cold exposure etc)

I could go on and on.

But hopefully you get the picture. To achieve health (and thus look and feel great) we simply need to move, eat a wholesome natural diet, sleep when it’s dark, occasionally push ourselves physically, get plenty of sunshine, play, be in touch with nature, and rest and recover.

Crazy huh?! But it’s true. Think about it for a moment. Think about all the ‘fad diets’ or ‘health crazes’.

All of them tap into one of the things I mentioned above.

  • The “Get Fit In 20mins A Week” Program gets you moving.
  • A “Gluten-Free Diet” means you eliminate a ton of high carb junk food.
  • “Walk 10,000 steps a day” gets you outside in the sun and connected with nature.
  • “Vegan Diets” help people feel great in the short-term as you restrict processed junk and eat more of a wholesome diet, yet soon health and performance stall as you miss out on vital nutrients.
  • Etc etc.

Crash diets and ‘quick fixes’ are only part of the solution. They may bring about some initial change, and you may think you’ve hit the jackpot, but they are never sustainable, or they never take you to your desired goal. Alternatively, some of these ‘fads/quick fixes’ simply ‘trick’ the body into thinking it’s getting the things it needs. It’s a bandaid approach that will never have long lasting health benefits. Sure coffee helps with energy in the morning, but do you know what else puts a spring in your step? A good night’s sleep. And guess which one has better side effects.

Think about all these ‘quick fix’ solutions or hacks that override the body’s own health and wellness mechanisms:

  • Take a drug that reduces joint inflammation so you can continue excessive training – when we could simply eat bone broth or turmeric root and rest more (or move more if it is lack of movement that is causing the issue)
  • Drink coffee to help wake us up, when we could have simply went to bed when it got dark and woke with the sunrise.
  • Go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, when we could simply walk outdoors, barefoot, on the grass exposing our skin to the sun and avoiding the extra stress from being exposed to nnEMF.

You Need a Long-Term View

Ditch these quick fixes and address the root problems. If you take a long-term view to fixing your health you will not only improve your health and wellness, but you will notice that the way you look and feel improves as well.

  • Adhere to your environment’s light cycles. Go to bed when it’s dark, get up when its light.
  • Move. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods.
  • Eat naturally. Eat like your great grandma did. Don’t bother buying my diet book, just follow this simple rule.
  • Do something physical every now and then. Lift something heavy, sprint occasionally.
  • Reconnect with nature. Go outside, touch the ground, breath some fresh air, get some sun – it’s good for you!
  • Slow down. Look at the lives of a wild animal, most of the time they are relaxing, eating and at rest. Contrast it with your life.
  • Rest and Recover. Stop training so much. Exercise is not the answer, fixing your health is. Training is another form of stress, remember that, it is important!

So there we go, the secret is out. To look and feel amazing you simply need to fix your health by reconnecting with nature and living a life that our bodies where designed for.

It really is that simple.