What Is Homeopathy And How It Can Help You

What is Homeopathy and How It Can Help You

For my entire life I have seen the potential for homeopathy as an amazing tool in aiding health and wellness. Homeopathy uses the energy of the substance that has been diluted, also known has potentization. But I knew there was more we still had to discover because of the many areas in which homeopathy has an effect on health. I don’t think even Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, understood why a remedy that was so far potentized could work on both the emotional and physical aspect of health with just one substance.

Over 200 years later and we are now beginning to understand why homeopathy works. For many years, skeptics have seen homeopathy as just water because they are unable to see and substances after the twelfth dilution without microscopes.

Research conducted in 2010 using new technology was able to see to the molecular level and has proven homeopathy to contain nanoparticles. A nanoparticle is a source of material with at least one dimension measuring less then 100 nanometers in diameter.

Because of the size of the material, a homeopathic remedy is able to penetrate the cell’s walls and triggers the body to heal itself.

This opens up the possibility for further research on homeopathy and its effectiveness beyond what was believed to be a placebo effect by skeptics.

In my own experience, I have seen homeopathy create what I believe is miracles for those suffering from years of grief, anxiety, fatigue, chronic coughs, and other various illnesses. I hope to see this as a beginning for homeopathy to become more accepted in Australia, as it is overseas.


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Sarah Kottmann is a homeopath and nutritionist that founded little Munchkins™ an allergy free superfood formula for toddlers. The product was created to gap the nutritional need of toddlers and young children with allergies and food intolerances. Sarah works to inspire others to be better version of themselves and helps them to live a healthy emotional and physical life. www.facebook.com/littlemunchkinsmilk