Strong is the New Sexy With KIC

How two Melbourne Entrepreneurs have changed the fitness industry for the better.

Strong is the New Sexy With KIC

Keep it Cleaner (KIC) is a fitness app that is promoting body positivity through encouraging and educating their community on fitness, nutrition and wellness. 

The founders, Steph Claire-Smith and Laura Henshaw, both come from modelling backgrounds, an industry that can create a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way.

Claire-Smith in particular, has spoken out about her past eating disorder and negative body image perception and how she has overcome it.

The two young influencers are now on a quest to promote and support other young women by normalising these issues through open discussions and education on their social media platforms.

They have built up an online community through the KIC app and Facebook community page which is overwhelmed with positive comments, women empowerment and acceptance of one another.

The KIC app is a multifaceted program, providing you with different workouts with multiple trainers that target your desired needs (glute growth, Upper body burners, HIIT workouts and more).

It includes daily recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and caters to your preferences and allergy requirements, making it simple for you to filter through delicious recipes with easy to follow instructions. The snack recipes have a healthy twist to favourites like, Choc Crackles, Rice Krispies and Bounty bars.

The wellness hub is the perfect way to unwind with your choice of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

The KIC app and community are changing the momentum in the women fitness industry and understand the importance of all aspects of health and prioritise mental health as much as the physical.

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