Why 2020 is the Year to Build Your Brand

2020 has been a curveball of a year, but what if it is the year to build your brand and business venture?

Why 2020 is the Year to Build your Brand

When conducting research for this article, automatically the popular search result when entering the term ‘2020’ was ‘why is 2020 the year that sucked’. Yes, it is true, recently we have experienced more challenges, set-backs and disappointments than we as individuals have maybe (probably) experienced in a lifetime. We have seen the start of the year in Australia with devastating bushfires across the country to now a world-wide pandemic.

Although it has become easier lately to visualise the difficulty and failure to launch a start-up now more than ever, there can be ways to overcome this and truly begin to monetise your passions,s utilise the freedom of freelance and step into your creative vision.

In this devastating economy – we at CrowdShare have come to the realisation that your career shouldn’t be dictated by the fluctuations of economy. We have seen an opportunity to embrace the change and build your brand from the ground up.

The Year of the Entrepreneur

Forbes Magazine attests that if you have a problem you are passionate about it is always an opportunistic time to step into becoming an entrepreneur (Forbes, 2019). This year in particular we have seen to the emergence of a multitude of problems. We have evidently seen to entrepreneurs stepping up to the task of meeting a new set of customer needs. It is important for one to search for the opportunities in positive or negative change, as when we keep an eye out for gaps in the market, only then can we jump on the chance to provide solutions. In the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have seen to consumer challenges such as educating children from home, working from home and managing businesses – if you have an innovative solution for these challenges we face, now is the time to jump into that vision and provide a solution that your consumers will greatly value.

The Year of Connection

Although this year we have been separated from our friends, family and colleagues we have been able to harness the opportunity of connection. Not just the connection with your loved ones but net-working with new and exciting business leaders, entrepreneurs and freelances. Maybe you have long admired these individuals and previously have had no reason to connect and take advantage of their experience and knowledge. But now you can take on the opportunity to reach out and make new connections and expand your global network. As a result, in the long run will help you learn valuable business advice, possibly securing new clients or employers and even assist in shaping your future professional goals.

The Year of Finding your Purpose

Don’t see this year as the year of redundancy, pay cuts and reduced hours. See this year as the year of finding your professional purpose. Utilise this year by adopting a new skill, taking advantage of technology and your access to resources. By taking the steps to learn, collaborate and set visions and goals will ultimately allow you to really decide where your passions lie. This year has allowed us to take intense reflection and really envision where we see ourselves after this pandemic. By taking advantage of leadership, learning and resources you will be equipped to really begin your next year on the path you want.

Let us know where this year will take you!

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