Authors who Were Unhappy With Film Versions of Books

Film versions of books can be give and take, with authors similarly being hard to please as audiences

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Books Versus Movies

Often when fans hear their favourite book is being turned into a film, there is, understandably, excitement.

But with that being said, books being turned into films can be a give and take situation: sometimes their good and meet fan expectations, or even going beyond, as they stuck to the script (or book).

And sometimes their bad, jumping all over the place, neglecting pieces of information from the book that would have helped the progress of the film, and overall falling below what the fans expected.

Well, if you’re in the latter group, you’re not alone. Many authors have also expressed displeasure with film versions of their books, citing reasons like casting or excluded material as why they were unhappy.

Fortunately for us—but perhaps not so fortunately for the authors— a small list has been compiled of authors who have disliked film versions of their books for us to enjoy, agree with, or even disagree with.

To check out the list, click here.

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