Pilates: What is it, and why you Should do it.

If you haven’t tried Pilates, you really should!

Pilates: What is it, and why you Should do it.

Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise that is often confused with yoga. While both forms of exercise are low intensity, low impact and inclusive, Pilates focuses on strength and stability, and yoga is more about flexibility and stability.

What are those machines?

Pilates can be taught on a mat or on specialised reformer equipment. In its reformer form, it is particularly beneficial for those who have experienced injury or are in the process of rehabilitation from injury.

The reformer machine has a sliding platform with stationary foot bar, springs, pulleys and straps that are used to provide resistance. Reformer classes are usually only available in specialised Pilates clinics or at some high-end gyms. Classes might also incorporate other pieces of equipment, such as small balls, weights, bands or blocks.

What are the benefits?

Pilates is a great way to build strength and work your muscles in a controlled way. It is not restricted to specific body parts, and although there is a focus on core control and abdominal strengthening, it incorporates moves that work the entire body. We guarantee a Pilates class will leave you sore for days!

Strengthening your core through Pilates has been proved to help relieve lower back pain, as well as other forms of joint pain. It can benefit joint pain because of its slow and controlled movements, which also make it a great workout for the elderly or injured.

If yoga isn’t for you, Pilates might be a great alternative way to improve your flexibility and focus. Slow, controlled actions and an emphasis on the connection between breath, body and movement makes Pilates a great activity to enhance mental health and performance. It will also assist you to become more flexible, and it doesn’t require any flexibility or previous experience to begin.

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