Finding Happiness Without Writing Lipstick on Your Mirror

Happiness isn't waiting to swoop in and carry you off to Neverland. GO FIND IT, CATCH IT, AND KEEP IT IN A WATER-TIGHT CONTAINER FOREVER.

Kiss a stranger in a bar,
Kiss a stranger in a bar

Happiness. It’s something that we want strive for, but often we won’t really do much about trying to get it. When something goes wrong, it’s okay to just palm it off as a bad day (we all have those), but when it extends a little further, into a bad week or a bad month, maybe it’s time you started to take control of things. Happiness is about actively doing things that will further your own experiences and sometimes we just need a good kick in the arse to get ourselves to that ‘happy place’

It’s not as simple as hanging up a motivational poster on your wall, or writing a lipstick quote by Audrey Hepburn on your mirror. You actually need to do something, nothing big, but just something. We’ve provided some options. 

  1. Sit In Bed and Cry All Afternoon

Now, this might seem a little counterproductive at first, but crying about something that’s made you sad is actually really therapeutic and will leave you feeling cleansed and a little lighter. Even if you think what you’re feeling sad about isn’t important, carrying it around with you will only turn it into a bigger deal. You will literally become your own worst nightmare if you do this.

Wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito, lock your doors, block your calls and put on the saddest playlist you can find on Spotify. It’s important that you do emerge after a few hours. There’s a fine balance between entering your ‘sad cave’ for a few hours and permanently living there.

  1. Have a Thirty Second Dance Party

If Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy have taught me about one thing, it’s cardiopulmonary resuscitations. No, it’s thirty second dance parties, of course! Sometimes you’ve had a really shitty day. You don’t really have time to de-brief about it or even shed a little tear, but you can’t just do nothing!

Adopt the ‘dance-like-no-ones-watching’ idea and just throw yourself around the room for thirty seconds, you don’t even need music. Plus, thirty-seconds of exercise could help avoid a cardiopulmonary reconstruction, whatever the hell that is.

  1. Treat Yo’self to Somethin’ Sweet

It’s scientifically proven that sugar increases your state of happiness. Okay, I don’t know if that’s actually true, but you know, it should be! You might have a deadline creeping up that’s been stressing you out a little, so you need to take some time out and bake yourself a cake and eat the whole damn thing. There’s nothing wrong with procrasti-baking.

  1. Go For a Drive at 5 In The Afternoon

There’s nothing better than driving through the streets in the afternoon as the sun is sinking itself into the surrounding hills. How’s the serenity?

Five O’clock is the perfect time, because you’ll catch the whole sunset show. The opening act, that bright pink hue splashed all over the rooftops. The main event, that gorgeous fiery orange sky and the closing show, that beautiful purple fleeting haze. Just be sure you don’t get too relaxed, you are operating a vehicle after all.

  1. Kiss a Stranger In a Bar

Spontaneity is fabulous. Do something you normally wouldn’t. It will fill your soul back up again and have you bouncing around like an energetic child. You don’t have to kiss someone, but just do something a little wild. Keep it legal though, or don’t! Just don’t blame me when you’re getting done for public nudity. Your choices are your choices people.

  1. Get Your Hair Done

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of vanity here and there. Sometimes you need to re-invent yourself in order to get back into a happy place. Maybe you want to shake things up a bit with a new hair colour. Maybe purple? This will help you to feel in control again and keep you feeling smokin’ hot.

  1. Use Your Friends For All They’re Worth

In a time of need, your friends will literally tear their own heart out to try and make yours whole again. Don’t deny them their right to try and patch you back up, let them. If they want to buy you presents, just say thanks. If they want make you dinner, just eat up. They’re only doing all of these things because they know they can expect that same treatment from you. So lap it up sister, because before you know it, one of them will be f***ed around by some douchey human and it will be your turn to make the brownies.