An Old Cat Can Learn New Tricks

An Old Cat Can Learn New Tricks
An Old Cat Can Learn New Tricks

The next time your smarmy dog-owning friend brags about how well trained their pooch is compared to your feline companion, wouldn’t it be fabulous if Dame Fuzzypants suddenly jumped through hoops? I’m here to tell you your dreams can come true. It is possible to train your cat.

  1. We love cats because they are surly and disinterested, just like us. They’re like us in another way too; they love a snack! Find your cat the treat they love (trust me, there’s a perfect treat for every kitty) and use it as motivation. I mean, I only go to work so I can afford to buy Big Macs.
  2. Start with sit. Cats do that all the time anyway. I don’t think there’s another animal more likely to be found resting on its keister.
  3. Another easy starting point is making it come when it’s called. Take out those treats, call out for General Rudolph Beans-Worthy, and watch him come for a snack. He’ll get the gist.
  4. Take your time. You know when you’re both enjoying tummy-rub time and the kangaroo kicks start happening? Having a cat is all about understanding boundaries. You gotta adjust to your cats particular learning curve.
  5. If you want to show your cat off to all the neighbours, time to harness train. This takes time. Start by placing the harness near kitty’s food bowl. Then, when giving your cat a treat, drape the harness over him/her. Give it a few days to adjust and then secure the harness. Let your cat plenty of time to get used to the new accessory before venturing outside.