Why Estuary Yoga Is Melbourne’s Best New Yoga Studio

It’s founded upon sustainability, an honest expression of self and passion for the yoga lifestyle.

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Vinyasa: Lucy taking me through a Vinyasa flow, Photo By Melissa Chung

Yoga studios are a dime a dozen in fitness-crazed Melbourne. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or looking to take your first class, it can be overwhelming Googling studios and checking them out one-by-one. But take it from someone who’s been practicing yoga for 4 years – Estuary Yoga is a cut above the rest.

Having recently launched on August 19th, Estuary Yoga is the brainchild of Lucy Lawes, a passionate, free-spirited Kiwi living in Melbourne. Lucy’s love for the arts and desire to feed her creative sensibilities culminated in the decision to open her own studio after experiencing the physical and mental benefits of yoga after her initial few classes. The first time she rested in savasana was a game-changer, in fact, the sweeping sensation of inner peace was so enlightening it inspired her to journey deeper into the practice, ultimately completing an Advance Diploma of Yoga Teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy.

You’ll be in good hands with the Estuary teachers. Most have been practicing yoga for over a decade, studying under the guidance of some of the most highly respected mentors, both within Australia and overseas. With their diverse life experiences (Hannah is a avid runner, Yunn is a yogi-slash-lawyer), each bring unique insights and teaching methods to the mat. Yet what they all have in common is a commitment to sowing conscientiousness, compassion and courage within their students.

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Estuary Yoga Studio, Photo By Melissa Chung

At Estuary, yoga isn’t just a physical practice – it’s a lifestyle. While striving for personal improvement on the mat is an important aspect of harnessing respect for one’s holistic wellness and Mother Earth, sustainability is a core tenet upon which the brand was conceived.

The studio space is a physical manifestation of these values. Everything in it is ethically made and/or locally sourced. Lucy beams with pride in explaining how she and her husband Andrew built the reception area and shelves from scratch and how she personally hand-dyed the changing room curtains!

Lucy’s decision to create the studio from the ground up is representative of the lesson she hopes for members to internalize: the importance of process over product, especially in today’s goal-driven culture. She aims to grow a community of ‘more embodied, empowered and conscientious beings’ by including more classes in the timetable and hosting yoga/sustainability/health workshops and community events.

After chatting with Lucy, I attended a Yin class with the team. The sound of rhythmic ocean waves playing through a small speaker, coupled with Lucy’s soothing voice, instantly eased the tension in both my mind and muscles. The class began with Qi Gong in an effort to connect breathe with movement and to flood the joints with oxygen for the deeper stretches to come. Over the next hour, we held poses for up to 5 minutes, using props to open up the joints and connective tissue, increasing mobility and improving circulation. There’s very little muscle activation in Yin but boy can it hurt!

Qi-Gong, Photo By Melissa Chungcrowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowdink, crowd ink,
Qi-Gong, Photo By Melissa Chung

Post-class, my shoulders and hips were noticeably looser than they were previously and my mind was far less erratic than usual. I felt incredibly calm and the initial sleepiness gave way to a boost of energy and mental clarity.

With Estuary located just 15 minutes from Flinders Street by tram, and their 2-week, unlimited-classes pass costing a mere $35, there’s no reason not to check them out. I’ll see you there soon!

Estuary Yoga

  • Address: 640 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, VIC 3051
  • Website: https://www.estuaryyoga.com.au
  • Email: hello@estuaryyoga.com.au
  • Instagram: @estuaryyoga