Eat More Cheese, Live Longer

Is cheese the new superfood of 2017?

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Eat More Cheese (source: HomeLife)

Is cheese the new superfood of 2017?

Good news fellas, cheese is going to help you live longer…

At least there is a new study that thinks so.

The study, published in Nature Medicine, suggests that gnawing on certain types of the dairy delight may enhance heart health, lower blood pressure and in turn increase your life span.

I like what I’m hearing.

Basically, there is a compound called spermidine that is found in aged cheese, as well as other natural products, that has been shown to increase the duration of the lives of mice who consumed the substance.

The mice were compared to others who had not consumed the compound, and it was found that the spermidine mice consistently outwitted, outplayed and outlasted their plebeian water drinking counter-parts.


The study is yet to have been conducted on humans, however the enhanced life span and increased heart function of these mice indicates that maybe, just maybe, cheese is the answer to all of our problems- a notion of which I always had an inkling.

There are also whispers that spermidine possesses anti-ageing properties, so ditch the Botox ladies and get on the brie immediately.

I don’t know about you but all I am hearing is the more cheese the better and that cheese could be the next superfood of 2017.

Move over greens, it’s gruyere’s time to shine.

Am I excited about this story? Yes. Pass me the parmesan immediately and let’s catch up when we are 100 but we look like we are 43.

Thanks to cheese it really could be possible.