Why You Should Consider Incorporating Yoga Into your Workout Routine.

From flexibility to mindfulness yoga is the exercise that can cover it all.

Consider Incorporating Yoga
Consider Incorporating Yoga

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years but in the past few years yoga has increased in popularity with countless studios and yoga wear lines popping up across the world it has become a go-to for many on their health and fitness journeys. While yoga is not necessarily a high-intensity workout there are countless benefits that rival the latest fitness trends.


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Improves Mobility

Yoga encourages the use of a range of motions and poses that help to increase flexibility and muscle strength which may benefit our posture and range of motion.

Reduces Stress & Encourages Mindfulness

Many types of yoga practises focus on being in tune with our breath and increase awareness to our thoughts which can assist in switching off from stress and encourages us to remain present. These tools can even be applied to everyday life which may help us to manage stress in the long term.

Increase Confidence

Yoga is something that you can consistently see improvements with and unlike many other types of exercises it is less focused on your physical appearance and more about appreciating your body for all its abilities. Yoga classes are also a great way to socialise in a judgement-free environment and showcases that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses

Whether you are someone who wants to improve your flexibility or simply just wanting a workout that doesn’t involve going to the weight section yoga is the perfect balance of physical and mental stamina.