5 Ways Playing Laser-tag is Better Exercise Then Going to the Gym

I strongly believe if you played laser-tag weekly, you could easily get yourself into shape.

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I strongly believe if you played laser-tag weekly, you could easily get yourself into shape, and it’ll be a lot more fun then going to the gym. My reasons are as follows,

1. It’s Great Cardio

Laser tag provides you the perfect opportunity to exercise your leg muscles, as you will be running for your virtual life. Laser tag is a fast-paced and exhilarating game that allows you and your friends to exercise without running on a treadmill for half an hour. Instead you will be spiriting around corners and jogging your way to safety as you attempt to avoid the deadly rays of the flashing lasers (that are really just harmless light beams).

2. It Will Get You Moving

In the gym when you are forced to do squats, lets be honest you hate it, they are not fun, but when you are about to be taken out by a laser sniper – diving or squatting may just save your virtual life. There is nothing like the fear of losing a game of laser-tag to a bunch of annoyingly sharpshooting fourteen-year- old boys to keep you motivated and moving.

3. It’s an Adrenaline rush

Apparently when you exercise it is important to keep your heart rate up, I don’t know why but I read that somewhere, anyway, at the gym this can be hard as you find a rhythm doing your repetitive and boring workout routines and you can struggle to keep pushing yourself. But in laser-tag you are too busy trying to destroy your next victim or hide from the next wave of blinking lights to let your mind or body rest for even a second. Like a shark, you must keep moving to survive.

4. You Are Part of a Team

Unlike in the gym when you are going about your day solo or watching fellow gym-goers with an unnecessary amount of competitiveness, in laser-tag you are part of an elite squad. You protect your team with your virtual life as they will protect you with theirs. You also get to pretend that you are in a totally awesome movie like Die-Hard and use really lame code names that sound really cool at the time but are in fact not cool at all.

5. Achieve a Sense of Accomplishment

Although your parents may judge you and shake their heads at the disappointment that is their child, you know in your heart that you have won, even if you did in fact lose to those sharpshooting fourteen year olds. After laser- tag feel as though you have actually accomplished something and when you see your name is on the scoreboard and realise you accidently killed more of your friends then the enemy it doesn’t matter because it’s all in good fun.

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