5 D.I.Y Hacks to Make Your Home More Organised

These tips are life changing.

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Home DIY Hacks (source: Bob Vila)

It doesn’t matter if your home is big or small, if it is not well organised it can look cluttered and messy. And this also allows for things to get lost very easily.

Here are 5 simple D.I.Y tips to get you on the way to becoming more organised, and not losing those pesky remote controls or phone chargers.

Once you’ve tried these methods, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

1. Velcro Remote Control

Never again will you lose a remote control down the side of the couch. Simply put Velcro on the back of the controllers and remotes and stick them back in their spots once their done.

2. Hang Up Jewellery Holder

Is there anything worse than when you can’t find an item of jewellery and when you do it’s tied in knots with other pieces? Instead of keeping jewellery in a container where they tangle, try hanging up your jewellery on the inside of a cupboard or on a door. All you have to do is a mount a wooden dowel equipped with cup hooks for instant organisation.

3. Peg Board

If you’re lacking space in your cupboard why not try adding a peg board to your wall in your kitchen. This will instantly add more organisation space. You can put pots, pans or even crates for silverware on the board.

4. Toilet Paper Rolls

No need to throw away the toilet roll once you’re finished with the paper. Toilet rolls make excellent holders for different cords. For optimal organisation label the cords for their purpose and then add stylish stickers on either side. You will thank yourself when you need to find your phone charger later.

5. Mail Containers

If you struggle to keep your mail from pilling up this is the tip for you. Purchase three baskets and fasten them to a wall near your entry way. Then label them so you can easily organise your mail, from your bills, from the catalogues. A handy tip is to also keep a bin nearby, so you can throw away the mail you don’t want instantly.