5 Ways to Stay Fit When You Work Long Hours

How to stay in your best shape if you have a busy schedule.

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5 Ways to Stay Fit When You Work Long Hours

1. Park 10 Minutes Away From Your Workplace

Alternatively, get off the bus two stops early. It takes the Average Joe about 10 minutes to walk one kilometre, so walk briskly and try to do it under said time. Carrying your laptop while you do so is even better, because every extra ounce you carry is extra calories burnt – just make sure the bag is comfortable!

For weight loss, increase your distance from work to around 15 minutes away, and turn your walk to work into a jog. A good backpack with a waist strap is necessary, plus baby wipes and deodorant to freshen up when you arrive at work.

2. Lift Stuff
I carry my baby in my arms (with good posture of course) when I walk the dog, do the washing, and pretty much during every waking moment that she’s not on the floor amusing herself.

Carrying weight (such as your laptop, files, or a briefcase) increases your energy consumption, gives your heart a moderate workout, and most importantly ensures a nice strong back and core.

3. Get a Personal Trainer
Do not join a gym with the promise of ‘using the machines’. Gym memberships can be cheap, but they often equate to bad quality workout sessions as you wander aimlessly with incorrect technique and no idea of what you are achieving (if anything).

Hiring the services of a good personal trainer will set you on a beeline from A to B, without mucking around. A good trainer will get excellent results in a 30min session, so ask for testimonials and shop around.

One ‘personal trainer’ who has my vote is the new Personal Power Plate, a machine which uses the principles of vibration training to achieve excellent fitness results. With a Power Plate machine, your results will be approximately 3 times faster than conventional exercise. This equipment has also been shown to burn more visceral fat (abdominal fat) than regular training, as well as other benefits such as increased circulation and blood flow, increased strength and flexibility, as well as building bone mineral density.

4. Modify Your Social Circle.
Many corporates get caught up in the ‘drinks after work’ lifestyle. Find a friend who goes walking or plays tennis and actively seek them out. Not only will you statistically have more chance of sticking to your plan, exercising with a friend is more fun than going it alone.

The same principles apply to your family. Instead of sitting on the sidelines watching them play sport, why not look for sports that you can do together? Try activities such as cycling, surfing, soccer in the park, etc.

5. Salad First.

Forget dieting. Eat what you like, but always have a LARGE leafy green salad first. Having a large salad before each meal will fill you up, so you eat less of everything else. It will also meet your nutritional needs, so that you will crave sugar less (a lot of sugar cravings are caused by lack of energy, because you are lacking a key nutrient). No more 3pm chocolate run for you!

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Power Plate Master Trainer + Owner of Into-You Specialised Fitness Sessions Having represented Australia at an international level in sailing, Clare Hozack is a Strength and Conditioning coach and Power Plate Master Trainer who lives in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Clare has been training athletes and mums for over 15 years and specialises in core and pelvic floor training for mums to ensure safe post-natal recovery. Clare runs her ‘Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor’ courses for personal trainers with an interest in women’s health. Clare is also a mum of two and runs her own personal training business from home.