The Indestructible Nokia is Set for a Comeback

Notorious for its durability, the Nokia 3310 is anticipating a revamped comeback, a welcome throwback to noughties phones.

Nokia 3310,, crowd ink, crowdink
Nokia 3310 (source: Lavada)

For those who don’t remember, the Nokia 3310 was largely popular mobile phone from the early 2000s. Before the days of iPhones, Androids and even camera phones, the population kept a much simpler, basic mobile companion, with the 3310 the go-to option.

The Nokia 3310 was a thick, black and white and small-screened device used mainly for phone calls, the mobile game Snake and an occasional text (provided it doesn’t exceed the character limit. It was also notorious for being somewhat indestructible, and for having a super long battery life.

After years of comparing the battery and fragility of the smart phone with the Nokia (bigger screens, but pricier, easily damaged and disappointing battery lives), Finnish company HMD Global Oy (the manufacturer with the exclusive rights to produce Nokia phones) have decided to satisfy those nostalgic of the noughties with a revamped release.

The revamped version is alleged to have the same physical look, with interchangeable front and back, as well as the beloved 55-hour- battery life and an edition of the mobile game Snake. But the 2017 edition will also include additions such as a vibration option, new screensavers and an extended SMS character limit.

For those looking for a revert back to the old ways of mobile phones, or for anyone looking for a simple yet effective second phone, the 2017 Nokia could be a real winner. And while it doesn’t have a high quality camera or unlimited data, it is sheer nostalgic appeal is bound to sell.

The Nokia release is set for the end of February in Barcelona, with no news yet of a release in Australia. We can guess that it won’t be too long a wait, though.