5 Unique Fitness Events to Try in 2017

Spin is making a comeback, with an event not to be missed this February in Sydney.

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Flow After Dark Yoga Silent Disco


Spin is making a comeback, with an event not to be missed this February in Sydney. Flow Athletic will be launching Nightclub Spin at Home Nightclub in Darling Harbour. Expect a pumping room filled with rocking beats, lighting and smoke machines, all designed to provide you with an awesome experience and a tough workout from one of the country’s best Spin instructors.

Ben Lucas, owner of Flow Athletic and former NRL player for the Sharks will be taking 8 x classes of 40 people over 2 days. Post event there will be an activewear store, snacks and activities for those who want to hang around!



If you are yet to try the famous Flow After Dark silent yoga disco then now is the time with the announcement of an event taking place at the Melbourne City Town Hall on March 21, 2017.

Flow After Dark consists of a 90-minute vinyasa style yoga class taken by Australia’s leading instructor Kate Kendall and accompanied by DJ James Mack who will be on the decks. Guests wear noise cancelling headphones provided by Silent Sounds which will allows yogis to really connect with the instructor and the music for the most zen night out yet.

‘Anyone who has taken one of my classes will know that I’m passionate about making yoga approachable and light hearted. I believe it should be fun, not taken too seriously and a tool that we use to amplify connection to self and others’ says Kate Kendall, yoga instructor and co founder of Flow After Dark.

‘Flow After Dark was born from this idea and continues to grow and grow; so much so that we have to keep finding bigger locations to fit everyone in. It is my favourite event and something that absolutely everyone, no matter what their level of experience, can participate in.’

The Melbourne event will hold 400 people, don’t miss out!



For those of you who want to try a PARTY workout with hundreds of likeminded chicks, this one is for you! The BUF Girls, who are possibly the most entertaining #GirlSquad in Australia have gone from strength to strength over the years, with head BUF Girl Libby Babet now landing the spot with Biggest Loser for 2017. In 2016 they hosted an incredibly fun fitness event, and the fun will continue into 2017. Check up on their events page for upcoming events near you: http://bufgirls.com/events/


Once again leading the charge when it comes to women’s fitness, Nike Women are back with a new free- training concept like no other.

This year, NIKE have created the NikeWomen Metcon Mack, a truck fitted with training equipment that has been busy travelling around the country, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Wollongong and more, allowing women to challenge themselves using the equipment.

The campaign is all about #stopexercising and #starttraining encouraging women to stop doing ‘junk miles’ are start training properly. NIKE have partnered with extremely inspiring female athletes and trainers who are spreading the message and helping other women tailor their training.

Keep an eye on the site to register Here is the link.


This is a quick event, but it’s certainly a challenge!

Created by Wallaby great Phil Kearns, the Balmoral Burn is a 420m race course up Awba Street in Mosman that raises money for the Humpty foundation. It is currently in its 16 th year and it is frequented each year by families, corporations, children, pets and the like.