The 3 C’s That Will Keep You Warm This Winter.

Price of gas and electricity bills scaring you to turn the heater on? Fear not because here are a few tips on staying warm this winter without breaking the bank.

Winter Times
Winter Times
  1. Believe it or not the best solution is often the simplest one. Adding an extra layer or 4 is time and again the best way to stay warm. Sadly the warm weather is gone and its not coming back for at least 3 months. Get out those coats and jackets that have been hiding in the back of the wardrobe, add a scarf or shawl to your ensemble and you may just find the cold doesn’t bother you quite so much.
  2. Coffee (or Chai). In no way is this an endorsement for a coffee addiction, however there is nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a hot drink on those extra chilly morning. The feeling you get when you take the first sip and the warmth that you feel when you bond with a work colleague about how much you need another coffee.
  3. In addition to the massive benefits of regular exercise, have you ever seen those crazy people out running on those cold mornings and thought to yourself, “how on earth aren’t they freezing”. Well cardio increases the blood flow in the body and this will warm you up significantly… plus think of the nice hot shower you can have once you’re done.

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