Why Their “Why” Is Better Than Your “Why”

Are you setting yourself up for sustainable success?

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Why Their “Why” Is Better Than Your “Why”

What is your why? Do you have a why? But seriously – WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Too often I am hearing, reading about, and talking to people about their why’s, or the why’s they don’t have.

It seems to be everywhere: you need a goal, a why, and then you need to action it. Sounds simple enough, hey? Well then why are so many people not getting what they want? Why is their why not enough?

The Two Types

There are two types of why’s – the end date why, and the sustainable why. Now both of these will, if actioned consistently, allow you to reach your goal, but only one of these will allow you to keep your goal for a longer period of time. Let me explain…

Here is a story for you:

There were once 2 friends, Nik and Zoe. Both of these girls had a goal: to lose weight, shift the extra pounds they were carrying and to get their hot bods back. Nik was doing this because she was soon to be married, and no way did she want to be the ‘Fat Bride’. Zoe on the other hand had had enough of feeling sluggish, tired and hating herself every time she looked in the mirror. She was over squeezing into what used to be her fat jeans, and she was over not being able to run around with her young children. Zoe was doing this to completely change her lifestyle, so she could love herself again and be fit with and for her kids.

After time passed, and the wedding drew closer, both ladies were at their goal weight and couldn’t have been happier. Nik was now the ‘skinny bride’, and Zoe was in skinny jeans that were a bit loose, feeling great when she looked in the mirror and at times had more energy than her children. They had achieved their goals.

Fast forward 6 months and things were looking a bit different. Nik had put back on all her post-wedding weight plus some, but Zoe however, was still losing weight and feeling better than ever.

Now I know what you are wondering…

“But how can this happen when both girls had the same goal?” Easy. It isn’t your goal that keeps you achieving success. Your “why” keeps you achieving success which is why your “why” must be sustainable. Nik’s goal (the wedding) had an end date, and nothing to keep her continuing past this. Her “why” wasn’t sustainable. Zoe though, had a sustainable why, once you have a sustainable why, that outlives your goals, your goal will be achieved and new ones added. There is no end point.

Here a 3 questions I suggest you ask yourself:

  • What is my goal?
  • What is my why?
  • Is my why sustainable?

You decide your goals, you decide your why, you decide if it happens and if it stays that way, no one else. You are responsible for you.

Now if your why is sustainable and outlives your goal, rock on! If not, change it.