Sweets for Tilly: There’s Nothing Sweeter

“We love creating macarons based on what's in season and local produce.”

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Sweets for Tilly

Sweets for Tilly is a family run business by Jacqueline and her two daughters, Nancy and Rachel, based in the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, and the Macedon Ranges who have baked for many years, creating beautiful handmade treats.

We love creating beautiful cakes and sweets that not only taste fantastic, but are works of art.

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Along with our beautiful products we also have a unique and custom made macaron chandelier which is available for hire. It comes with a stunning arch to display 55 macarons, and is perfect for weddings, engagements and events.

The name of the business was inspired in honour of our late Grandma, Mathilde, which is the French version of the name Matilda, which can also be known as Tilly.

Our signature macaron flavours include salted caramel, berry burst (chocolate with a berry surprise), and a very special Mauritian vanilla tea flavour which pays homage to our island heritage.

We love creating macarons based on what’s in season and local produce. An example of this is our strawberry and cream macaron has a special strawberry jam made from juicy berries from Sunny Ridge strawberry farm on the Mornington Peninsula.