Bracelet of the Future: Cicret

Touch-screen is about to become as simple as touch-skin.

Cicret Arm [image source: iwatchau], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Cicret Arm [image source: iwatchau]

As we move closer to a future filled with flying cars and robots ruling the world, it seems each day a new product comes out reminding us that that sci-fi reality will be here sooner rather than later.

Cicret, a new start-up company with a team including two former Apple employees, hopes to completely re-imagine the way we use our cellphones.

Cicret has created a prototype bracelet with technology that will allow you to project the screen of a cell phone onto your forearm for “touch screen” use.

The bracelet works with iPhone and Android devices, operating the same as if you were using the touchscreen of a physical device. In addition, it will have a rechargeable battery, be water resistant, and is suitable for any skin tone.

As one cheeky commenter noted, those who don’t have completely baby smooth, hairless skin might run into some difficulties reading their e-mails.

Cicret [image source:], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Cicret [image source:]
The Cicret product is still in the developing stages and the website is currently accepting donations to move the project along.

All donations will be used for value as the discounted price off the final product; for example, if you donate $30, you will receive that exact amount off your bracelet.

Add your name to the waiting list and you could be calling friends off your arm by the end of 2016!