Why Diana Trout is the Unsung Heroine of Younger

Fierce, ferocious and fashionable – it’s time to sit up and pay attention to the inimitable Diana Trout

Why Diana Trout is the Unsung Heroine of Younger

1. She has competed and stood out in a world of men

Diana’s ferocious nature is enviable. She unashamedly speaks up and garners attention. But not only does she make herself heard, she makes herself seen. With a closet of every girl’s dreams, Diana is never seen without a striking necklace, huge earrings or a statement handbag or jacket.

2. She is the sneaky character who evolves leaps and bounds beyond her cast mates

Every TV series seems to have a secondary character who, quietly in the background, grows more exponentially than those that are front and centre. In Younger, that character is Diana Trout. From softening her hard exterior, bonding with younger co-workers, letting in real love with a man that she might’ve once considered too beneath her, and adapting to the millennial world, Diana is the one who has impressed us the most.

3. She’s getting with the times, but still has standards that can’t be messed with

Throughout the show, we see Diana gradually adapt to new trends. What we love, however, is that she never falters in her standards of both social courtesy and romance, and she provides us all with an important reminder to never settle for less.

4. She’s fiercely ambitious and has earnt her career

The series portrays a world where young people are taking the lead in business and becoming heads of department much more quickly. They adapt swiftly, they move faster with technology, and they just don’t take no for an answer. Diana’s career began in a different era. While equally borne of ferocity and hard work, she shows us that she is no less relevant today and that different generations still have so much to offer.

5. She shows us you can be a leader, but can still need to hold someone’s hand

The Diana we’re introduced to at the start of the series is a force to be reckoned with. She has fought to be taken seriously and she will not let anybody jeopardise that. But ambition like hers has come at a cost to her personal life, and her ability to open up and show her softness to others. Diana shows us that it’s okay to show that side, and it doesn’t make us any weaker or less of a leader.