The Five Beard Oils you Must try

To have your beard the fanciest of them all


If you’re a lover of a solid beard that looks healthy, neat and shiny, here’s the top five beard oils to try no matter your beard style.

Brothers Artisan Oil
If you are looking for an oil that’s homegrown and on the more natural side, look no further than the Brothers brand, this natural beauty will take on beard itching, flaking and inflammation whilst keeping your mane neat and tidy.

Four Vices
If you’re a man with a big ol’ beard then this is the oil for you, complete with lots of manly fragrances, including coffee, tobacco and hops, it’s lightweight formula will soak in and keep your beard looking happy and healthy with a bonus noticeable shine. 

Baxter of California
This one is a must have for two reasons its renowned for fighting dandruff, but it also works just as well as any another beard oil by taming those stray hairs and keeping your beard looking healthy. It’s bursting with avocado oil and squalene, two ingredients that are essential for preventing any damage to your skin and fighting off dandruff.

Pasha de Cartier Édition Noire
If you live on the fancier side of life and love your name brands, this top shelf beard oil by Cartier is sure to keep you look fancy and expensive. Accompanied by Cartier’s adored Pasha scent, your beard will be looking soft and your skin left soothed!

Acqua di Parma
For the toughest of knots, in even the messiest of beards this serum will soak right in and be your perfect detangler. Take your trusty beard comb and let this lightweight beauty work its magic.