Why Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are a Working-From-Home Essential

As some students and employees are still working from home, it is important to keep up with straightforward and effective ways to look after our health without breaking the bank.

Why Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are a Working-From-Home Essential

As a long term sufferer of migraines, the transition to remote learning and work was taxing. Elevated screen time left me feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, with particular emphasis on my eyes and head.

With almost a billion people worldwide reporting that they do experience some form of migraine headache, a lot of people- like myself, found it challenging to work from home as their screen time increased. Working with a migraine is next to impossible, with medications and rest not always being a constrictive solution when you’ve got deadlines and job commitments. With no other work or study alternative possible, blue light blocking glasses became a leading solution to alleviate the struggle that many faced.

These glasses possess lenses that partially block blue light emitted through LEDs used in computer, phone and tablet screens, without altering the vision quality.

Research suggests that blue light blocking glasses can assist in decreasing headaches, as well as reducing eye strain. Using these glasses in conjunction with regular sleep and exercise elevates its positive effects on the eyes and the brain.

With prices varying from around $30 to $90, they are a quick, inexpensive and convenient investment to a long term and unavoidable situation. My personal favourite are Baxter Blue glasses, that come in prescription and non-prescription lenses, with heaps of stylish options!