What Your gym Shoe Says About you

What shoes you wear to the gym says a lot about how you train

What Your gym Shoe Says About you

Have you ever seen other people at the gym wearing converse and wondered what that’s all about? Or walked straight into a sports store and straight back out because the shoe range confused you so much? Here’s what your gym shoe says about you, and a guide to what shoe you should be wearing for your workout.


Converse or other flat shoes like Vans are worn by anyone doing heavy lifting at the gym. It is important for your feet to grip to the ground when doing heavy lifting, and a flat sole will help achieve this. Flat shoes are important to help with stability as well as to activate and engage more muscles in the legs.

All-Purpose Training Shoes

A pair of light-weight exercise shoes are a great gym shoe that can be used for a range of purposes. These shoes should be flat enough to properly grip on the ground for strength training but cushioned enough for cardio and plyometrics. If you’re into a bit of everything when you go to the gym, from HIIT to weight-training and cardio, these are the shoes for you.


If you’re wearing slides to the gym, chances are you’re going to a yoga, Pilates or barre class. These classes don’t require wearing any shoes, so a comfortable and athletic-looking pair of slides is a good option to walk in with. Make sure you pack appropriate grip socks for when you get into class!