Wedding Nightmares That no one Should Ever Have to Encounter

May your blessed day be filled with joy... and none of these nightmares!

Wedding Nightmares That no one Should Ever Have to Encounter

We wouldn’t be talking about it if it never happened before, but unfortunately for some married couples, they no all too well what can happen if things turn a little pear shaped on their big day. Let’s just hope that it never happens to you.

People changing the seating arrangements

Do you know many painful hours are spent trying to make sure the seating arrangement is as drama-free as possible? Too many to count. There are divorces and break-ups and kids to consider. There’s your flirty cousin who might annoy the groom’s friend from cricket after she’s had a few champagnes. There’s your uncle that just hasn’t quite got with the times and needs to stay well away from your single girlfriends. Your two friends broke up a month ago and they certainly can’t sit together… but they need their own support networks around them too. Then there’s your divorced parents and the family members that are still reeling from it. The bride and groom have organised your seats to save the unnecessary drama in their day. Respect it.

It’s a toast, not a roast

It’s the most incredible honour to be asked to make a speech at a wedding. I repeat – it’s an honour. It’s not a one-man show. It’s not about you. It’s not about your history with just the groom… and it’s certainly not about you marking your territory in front of the bride’s whole family. It’s also definitely not about the groom’s single-life antics either. Keep it respectful, keep it short and sweet, and make it all about the beautiful couple. Oh, and for the love of everyone else’s boredom, please come prepared.

When the bride or groom passes out at their own party

Pace yourself. This is your day. This is also (most likely) your dollar. People are here to celebrate you. Writing yourself off before the day is over, passing out while the guests are still (trying) to have a good time, or slurring and interrupting your other half’s toast… it’s just not cool. It’s really embarrassing for you and for your spouse and for everybody watching. The worst part… no one will ever forget it or let you live it down. So, pace yourself. Make sure you eat something while you’re getting ready and wait ‘til the end of the night (maybe after nanna has gone home) to really let loose.