Procrastination Has Met Its Match in The Hybrid Coach, Karolina Carrera

Karolina Carrera, The Hybrid Coach
Karolina Carrera, The Hybrid Coach

Ah, procrastination. We’ve all come face-to-face with this time-delaying, task-postponing beast that can leave us scrambling with worry to meet an important deadline.

While some of us may only meet procrastination on occasion, others deal with it every day, which can have quite a detrimental effect upon our work, study and general life.

However, never fear – the procrastination slayer is here! The Hybrid Coach – aka Karolina Carrera – is determined to nix procrastination in the bud to help you reach your goals and win back all those lost days spent delaying and postponing.

We chatted with Karolina to find out how The Hybrid Coach has helped professionals overcome the procrastination cycle with her game changing secret.

Can you share a story of procrastination busting with us?

I do have a case study to share! My client was having difficulty managing his high volume of tasks and goals, with his key issues being time management, feeling overwhelmed, general life pressure, lack of clarity and belief blocks.

Over a period of four weeks, I helped this client with ‘The Hybrid Coach Solution’. That means the client was supported on identifying core and vocational values, uncovering his procrastination type, clearing any limiting beliefs and setting him up with a clear momentum roadmap that gave him structure and direction for a specific goal implementation.

With accountability and a focus on creation and big habits rather than chasing big goals, my client was able to clearly articulate and see who he needed to become in the process, learning to create time frames and turn his procrastination into energised focus.

At the end of the four-week period, this client told me he’d pushed himself to get a lot of things done over the past year, investing in himself to get closer to his own ‘why’. He said the missing part of this journey was engaging with a coach, so he could have that positive voice encouraging him as he surged forward. The client said I helped him reinforce his power and clarify his vision, and that my belief helped him start his journey towards the life he deserved.

Amazing! Just how do you help your clients start this inspirational journey forwards?

I support my clients to reach their goals, finish projects and do more with their life. The clarity system I use brings awareness to clients of just how detrimental procrastination can be. The result is a break in the procrastination cycle and gaining back 45 days – yes, that’s right – 45 lost days a year.

What tools or techniques can you share with you audience to break the procrastination cycle?

My game changing secret is identifying your Procrastination Personality Type. When you identify which one of the six you are, you can squash the triggers that lead to wasted time, feeling stagnant or anxious and take back instant control.

For example, one procrastination personality type is “The Obsessive Idealist”, whose key traits are perfectionism, judgement, and a neat and controlled environment that needs to be ‘perfect’ before they can start. They tend to love the adrenaline gained from leaving things to the last minute. Sound familiar?

If so, don’t try to aim for the impossible. Instead aim for the good, great or excellent. Start each day with a task list of 2-3 things and slightly lower the expectations you hold yourself to. Practice living more in the present moment and always remember the deeper meaning and emotions behind your goals.

Time to promote The Hybrid Coach! What strategy sessions or promotional materials do you have available for those interested in your coaching?

If procrastination is hindering your goals and projects and you’d like to see what steps you can take to win back those 45 lost days a year, then get in touch.

Schedule in a time that is convenient for you via this link and we can chat about your procrastination cycle – I’d love to help you break free!

How can people connect with you?

You can get in touch with me via my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Halt procrastination in its tracks with The Hybrid Coach, Karolina Carrera. Her intuitive methods for helping people identify and overcome their triggers for unhelpful procrastination has assisted many clients in breaking free of feelings of perfectionism, self-doubt and mental stagnation to enhance productivity.

If procrastination is throwing a spanner in the works of your dreams and goals, why not book in for a 30 minute chat with Karolina The Hybrid Coach today?