How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Life

Incorporate our mindfulness tips into your everyday routine to help you become more engaged, productive and happier.

How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Life

As the world has become increasingly globalised and interconnected, it has started operating at an increasing speed. Sometimes, it can be hard to slow down and breathe amongst the chaos, resulting in a spike in pressure, stress and isolation.

It may seem odd to take 10 minutes out of your day to sit and reflect, or set goals for the day, but research is increasingly showing the benefits of mediation upon emotional regulation, resilience and better mental health. 

We’ve gathered a list of tips and ideas to integrate some mindfulness practices into your everyday routine that will help you feel less distracted and improve your headspace. These include:

  • Going for a walk: a simple and effective way to relieve the thoughts clouding your mind. Go with friends or yourself, but try and take in all your surroundings
  • Set goals for the day: sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking of all the things you have to do. At the start of each day, try creating a list of what you want to achieve that day. Make them realistic and achievable as this will allow you to focus your full attention on these tasks and make them as best as they can be
  • Journals: journals are always a great way to reflect upon the highs within your day. Write down three things you were grateful for that day, remembering to focus upon the positive. Maybe it was the way someone treated you, speaking with friends/family or simply achieving one of your goals
  • Eat well: what you put into your body plays a large role in how you feel. You’ll be surprised by how much better a healthy diet will make you feel
  • Monitor time spent on technology: although there are many benefits technology can bring us, it is important to make sure you use it in healthy proportions. Balance your screen time with outdoor activities, such as walks or reading outside
  • Use mindfulness apps: these are so helpful and allow experts to guide you through specialised programs. Some apps you could look at include Headspace, Calm, Bloom, Insight Timer and Reflectly

Mindfulness is a self-care journey. Spending time looking after yourself will make you more productive, engaged and feeling better about yourself. In a time where mental health struggles are becoming increasingly prominent, embodying some, or all, of these tips every day will immensely help you and those around you.