Walk Down the Aisle Knowing you Saved big on your Special day

Say 'I do' to big time savings

Walk Down the Aisle Knowing you Saved big on your Special day

Five of the easiest tips to get you saving for your big day.

Settle on an amount.
Sit down with your partner and discuss your finances, establish a figure that you’re willing to spend on the wedding, it doesn’t need to be broken down into all the areas straight away, but you need a starting number to prepare for saving.

Track your spending.
Whether you do this by getting receipts for everything you purchase or keeping a notebook with a track of your spending, it’s important to know what you’re spending and when so that you can cut out any unnecessary spending you’re doing.

Read the fine print!
This is in relation to actual wedding bookings, be sure to read the fine print of everything you’re signing for before you sign for it. You don’t want to get caught out thinking you’re paying for a photographer to be there for the whole wedding when in reality you’re really just paying for a couple photos.

Don’t overspend.
This seems simple enough but be sure to actually follow through, if you need to pay for some bigger bookings up front be sure to plan for this in advance, you don’t want to get caught out having to max a credit card because the venue, caterers and band need to be all paid on the same day.

Save where you can!
Once you’ve booked something don’t disregard changes, if an option comes along that will save you some funds, look into it! Often venues do packages for catering and music which will save you looking for individual businesses and cut back on the final price. This goes for the guest list too, check it much more than once, don’t pay $100 for a plus one you don’t know, keep your wedding personal and in turn saving you some extra cash.