Karolina Carrera’s ‘Level Up’ Receives Raving Reviews From Women Worldwide

The author’s latest release, Level Up, has attracted top reviews as Karolina uses her experiences to empower others.

Karolina Carrera’s ‘Level Up’
Karolina Carrera’s ‘Level Up’

Established author Karolina Carrera decided to put the hustle and bustle of everyday life – which was impeding on her lifetime goals – aside, and rewrote the next chapters of her life through her book Level Up. Today, just over six months from the book’s release, Karolina’s fans are raving about the author’s release – many saying that it has positively changed the way they perceive their future for the better. 

Level Up provides bite-sized hacks for women to feel empowered with methods to support them in reclaiming their lives. In a step-by-step guide, Karolina uses her life experiences to help others in similar situations to her, break away from the status quo in order to find fulfilment, joy and satisfaction in their own lives. 

Hear what Anel Bester from Alpha Thrive Coach and Lucy Arenberg, founder of LifeSpark Centre have to say about Karolina’s work:

“From our first meeting I sensed an air of grace, a rare treat in today’s loud world filled with ‘motivational posts’ and IG filters. Karolina brings to the table an inner strength forged in the fires of experience, tempered by compassion and shining with a genuine care for others. 

More importantly, she remains humble, open to questioning that which she believed before, in her quest to be a better human, a better woman, a better mother, operating from Love and Truth. 

Karolina’s commitment to create a path of support for women who find themselves in the grips of life’s challenges is unshakeable and I know that every woman who finds the courage to accept her outreached hand will step up into the space where she can finally heal, shine and pay it forward as so many preach, yet few have the inner strength to see through.” 

Anel Bester – Alpha Thrive Coach 

“Deeply insightful, Karolina Carrera offers practical tips and sage wisdom regarding how to best reveal your authentic voice and live your life in alignment with your core values. So often women are socially conditioned and rewarded for putting others first and disregarding their own needs. Karolina provides a new perspective, a blueprint for shedding outdated beliefs designed to help forge a more honest way of living, based on truth and a conviction to remaining in alignment to your life vision.” 

Lucy Arenberg—Founder of LifeSpark Center, LLC.

It’s not just life coaches who adore Karolina’s work, with everyday women absolutely in awe of what the author has to say. 

Here’s what Karolina has to say about the response she receives from her Level Up fans. 

“Some of the common things I hear from people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or stressed and pedalling on the hamster wheel tend to stem from fear. People so busy being busy, feeling under the pump from the demand to do more with less, that they cover up that things are not going well and mask problems. A solution to the overwhelm is to redirect the focus to yourself. To have the courage to take ownership and responsibility for the role you are playing. To redirect your energy to a solution-focused mindset and self-manage, so you can start taking action and have influence and impact towards your objectives” 

You can connect with Karolina via: 

Website: www.levelupbook.co

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamkarolinacarrera 

Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/mojomindset