Overdone the Old El Paso Hoarding? Let’s Taco ‘bout Some Alternatives!

Other Mexican dinner recipes (and all the puns) just in queso you need some spice in your life


Relax enchilada bit! Try this delicious Chicken Enchilada recipe

Enchiladas are a great excuse to use up all those extra tortillas. It’s almost like cannelloni, but you’re using wraps instead of pasta, and all the Mexican goodness instead of spinach…Wow I didn’t think I could ever make Italian sound boring.

Brrr, it’s cold! Turn up fajita! Add some spice with this chilli lime steak fajita dish

My first job was at a Mexican restaurant and my absolute favourite dish was fajitas! There is something so warm and comforting about the rainbow medley of capsicums and onion. Plus, you can eat this any way you wish! Carb-free, on a bed of rice, in a burrito – you name it!

No corn chips? That’s nacho problem! Crush those taco shells and build a nacho feast

Let’s face it – you’re really just going for the deconstructed taco here. But it is delicious and messy and super flavoursome! This recipe takes you through everything you need to know to construct the perfect loaded nachos.

 “Hi Ben, I’m the Holiday Quesadillo, I’m a friend of Cheesus”

That’s the line from Friends right? I’m pretty sure that’s right. Because any friend of Cheesus is certainly a friend of mine, and if that friend is advertising the oozy, melted cheesy goodness that is a Quesadilla, then, well, they might just be my best friend!

I gave you dinner, now give me a drink! Don’t forget the spicy jalapeno margarita!

This is my number one drink of choice no matter the occasion. But I do concur, Australian’s can never quite make them as well. This recipe certainly has all the right bones for a good spicy marg’ – but don’t forget the salt-rimmed glass! And as always, drink safely and try not tequila too many brain cells.