The Earth Needs Your Help Now: Here’s How

As we become more environmental-conscious in our everyday purchases, think about supporting some of these brands who are doing their bit for our world.

The Earth Needs Your Help Now: Here’s How

Within the past decade, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to live more sustainable lives. In Australia, 95% of our energy production comes from non-renewable resources. Compared to 2002, we are currently buying 60% more clothes but are keeping them for half as long. A 2018 survey showed that 9 out of 10 Australians are concerned about sustainability. The statistics range far and wide, but they all show an increased need to help our earth.

As more light begins to shed upon the damaging impact we are having upon the Earth, consumers are being encouraged more and more to support sustainable brands – brands that are operating in environmentally-friendly ways and reducing their negative footprint such as through local production, using recycled materials or slow fashion.

By purchasing and supporting brands that are engaging in sustainable practices, and rallying against brands that are not, your purchases can make a large difference. We’ve created a list of brands across different industries you should look at supporting:

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Hey Tiger
Hey Tiger is a social-enterprise that creates unique (and delicious) chocolate. They make sure their cocoa is ethically sourced by supporting suppliers that uphold strict environmental practices, while also partnering with the Hunger Project that provides loans to women farmers, education programs and HIV prevention. Some of our favourite flavours include the Glitter Kitten (birthday cake crumb & white chocolate), The Weekend (caramel & cracker crumb milk chocolate) and the Summer In The City (peanut butter & pretzel milk chocolate).

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ELK The Label
Look good while doing good. Elk is committed to supporting a circular economy by eliminating plastic wrapping, using organic cotton and ensuring fair treatment of workers, animals and the environment throughout their supply chain. You can find pretty much everything here, from clothing to jewellery to accessories to gifts.

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Thread Harvest
From skincare to homewares to accessories, Thread Harvest has all the ethical items you’ll ever need. Their eco-friendly certified items ensure that items are produced and manufactured in ways that are not harmful to the environment, such as not using toxic materials or conserving energy and water. We’re a huge fan of their bags, specifically the chocolat quilted backpack.

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Vege Threats
Using slow fashion, Vege Threats releases limited clothing pieces to reduce waste, are manufactured locally and use Australian, organic and eco-friendly materials and dyes. They are also members of 1% For the Planet, meaning a percentage of their profits is given to environmental projects and movements around the world. They’ve got some great basics, as well as awesome swimwear and yoga lines.

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Luxury resort wear that prints contemporary Indigenous artwork onto sustainable fabrics that are ethically made, Kirrikin will become your new obsession. They make sure to give a percentage of profit from each purchase back to the artist involved in the design. Made for both men and women, you can find some unique and beautiful pieces here.

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It would be hard not to put Veja on our list. Made from raw materials that are sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, these sneakers are definitely worth purchasing (and are also incredibly comfortable)!

Supporting these companies will not only them to continue their sustainable practices but may also encourage other brands to follow suit. Everyone has a part to play at every level, so make sure you start yours today.