The Benefits of Music for Studying That you may be Missing out on

A look at the possibilities music has for improved study performance

The Benefits of Music for Studying That you may be Missing out on

Did you know that the right kind of music can improve your ability to study effectively? 

Calming music such as rainforest sounds can help to cover background noise without being distracting. This is especially effective in a library or a noisey house leading up to exam time.

Classical music can also create a peaceful and supportive learning environment. It has been known to improve mood and overall productivity. Mozart and Beethoven are popular choices by students as a result of their timed tempos. 

It is also important that you choose music without lyrics as they are likely to distract your brain from reading or writing efficiently. It is also imperative that the music chosen makes you happy, as unpleasant sounds may lead to decreased brain function and therefore productivity. 

A good idea is to make a playlist ahead of time that includes a range of positive, upbeat, classical and nature sounds that you enjoy. There are also many Spotify playlists and YouTube compilations available online that are easily accessible and go for hours.

Here are a few free music compilations to give study music a go: