These 5 Travel Shows will get Your Wanderlust Going

Do your research about your next destination while you cozy up on the couch.

These 5 Travel Shows will get Your Wanderlust Going

Getting sick of the abundance of reality tv shows hitting our screens? Feeling uninspired by what the news is telling you about the world? Looking to learn more about different cultures? Searching for a destination where you can have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

Enough questions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a homebody, these travel shows will satisfy your need for a show to binge and both entertain and educate you.

  1. Travel Man, SBS
    Join the effervescent and ever-lovable Richard Ayoade and his myriad of celebrity guest and they gallavant around the world, asking all the out-there questions we’re all thinking as they take on some seriously wacky experiences.
  2. Conan Without Borders, Netflix
    Bringing his signature wit with him, Conan O’Brien takes his famously long legs for a walk across some of the world’s favourite destinations, making connections with locals and making you laugh along the way.
  3. Street Food, Netflix
    This is also a cooking show (I never said I’d keep this list travel exclusive!), but it is one of the most enlightening travel shows out there – with a sole focus on educating the masses about the origins of some of Asia’s finest street food and those who make it, it’s a delectable deep dive into the impact of food on culture.
  4. Travels With My Father, Netflix
    If you’re looking for a laugh, this series sees English comedian Jack Whitehall drag his posh father, 79-year-old Michael, around Asia, Europe and America, where their conflicting personalities result in hilarity as Jack enlightens his father to the more intrepid aspects of travel.
  5. This Place, ABC iView

An important watch for any Australian. An Australian-based series with episodes clocking in at 2-3 minutes, we travel the continent learning about Aboriginal history and the significance of the land to the locals both past and present.

There you have it – five shows for anyone and everyone that will teach you and inspire you about destinations all over the globe. Let us know if you have any other recommendations in the comments.