Millennials are Transforming the Hotel Industry

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Millennials are Transforming the Hotel Industry

20 years ago, when you thought about a hotel, it involved one simple process, calling the hotel and booking a room, there was nothing else to it. Hotels were for people on holiday or travelling for work, somewhere to stay when your home was too far away.
Hotels now are no longer like this, they’ve seen vast changes and it all comes down to millennials.

With the rise of the internet, no longer do people call a hotel, book a room and pay whatever price is given to them on the phone. There is choice, choice of where you stay, what you pay, what facilities you have access to, even down to the choice of what type of windows your room has.

The internet today is flooded with hotel comparison sites, where you simply put the city you want to stay in, the dates you need and at the click of a button be presented with lists of hotels, their price comparisons and the ability to filter in all the things you desire.
It has also changed the way we go about making hotel reservations, being able to view bookings online means that you can not only choose to book the exact room you want but also pay ahead online, instead of waiting in line at reception for someone to do it all for you.

If there’s one thing that millennials love, that’s convenience.
The need for convenience has seen a shift in why hotels are being used, they aren’t just booked for work trips or for somewhere to stay when you’re on holiday anymore. Millennials have sparked a boom in overnight stays for all kinds of scenarios.

Whether it be a concert you’re attending, an event or party. Millennials are willing to book a hotel for an overnight stay even if they live 35 minutes away. Having a bedroom just down the road to be able to get ready for your event at, head back to for something to eat or when the heels simply become too hard to walk in, is a convenience like no other.

Social media presence has also made hotel stays much more desirable for millennials, not to mention skyrocketing the promotion of hotels themselves. Taking the perfect Instagram picture of the city skyline from your room is just another added bonus of heading to a home away from home for the night. That Instagram photo is then accompanied by the check in to the hotel so that every friend you have on your socials knows that your Friday evening is spent living the highlife 10 storeys up at your favourite hotel.

With the constant online presence of millennials, the hotel industry has seen free promotion like never before. Check ins, reviews and selfies have all allowed millennials to tailor their hotel experiences to just how they want them, creating convenience and changes to benefit us all.