Pod and Parcel are Changing the way you Make Coffee at Home

Say hello to your new favourite great tasting and environmentally friendly coffee pods.

Pod and Parcel are Changing the Way You Make Coffee at Home

Since work from home began earlier this year many people, myself included, have ditched buying $5 lattes and have instead turned to our trusty at home Nespresso machines. While making your own coffee at home each morning is definitely saving you a few bucks, it’s not helping to save the environment. Every time I throw away one of the aluminium pods I feel a twinge of guilt knowing that, in Australia alone, 3 million of the standard coffee pods end up in landfills daily.

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Pod and Parcel are here to change that. What is Pod and Parcel you may be asking? They’re a compostable coffee pods company that lives by the motto: more taste, less waste. There’s no need to buy a brand-new coffee machine because all Pod and Parcel coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. Even better, all Pod and Parcel products (packaging included) are biodegradable and compostable. Each pod is made more a plant-based material and can break down in 90 days. Did you hear that? You no longer have to feel guilty every time you throw away your coffee pods!

Keep in mind that less guilt does not equate to less taste! Pod and Parcel coffee is roasted right here in Melbourne using specialty-grade arabica. So, if you consider yourself to be a bit of a coffee snob, you can rest assured that Pod and Parcel is the real deal. Their pods are packed with coffee that tastes like it’s right out of a café. No more mornings ruined by coffee that tastes burnt and bitter. Choose from one of their ten different varieties or, if you can’t decide, opt for their sample pack featuring six of their most popular roasts! Pod and Parcel even offers a subscription option that lets you choose how often you want your favourite coffee delivered straight to your house so you never have to worry about running out of coffee.

Given these stressful times, it’s no wonder most of us need a pick me up every morning. Thanks to Pod and Parcel your pick me up can taste great and be environmentally friendly! Sip Sip Hooray!

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