The Story Behind New Zealand’s bra Fence: An Unconventional Tourist Attraction

The cheeky display of people power is a landmark that must be seen to be believed.

The Story Behind New Zealand’s bra Fence: An Unconventional Tourist Attraction

Nature’s beauty comes in all colours, shapes and sizes, but one fence in Cardrona, New Zealand, has a different kind of natural allure on display to what tourists might expect.

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Situated between Queenstown and Wanaka, it’s hard for motorists along Crown Range Road not to stop and look at the fence, which is bathed in a stretch of bras.

Its origins have been said to begun with a mysterious slinging of four brassieres over a fence in 1999, which with some sleuthing turned out to be the work of four female New Year’s revellers on their way home from the local watering hole.

As word about the bras was spread, more were added over time. Whether the mystery contributors were locals or passers-by is unknown, but it wasn’t long until someone (presumably a member of the fun police) began taking them down one by one. The fence’s ‘guardian,’ Kelly Spaans, says that their removal was likely the result of “some residents who’ve felt that the bras cheapened the area.”

In a true show of lady power, the fence only grew twofold with every bra that was cut down, and has grown to be such an institution in the Cardrona Valley that it had to be moved from its birthplace – it now resides on the fence of Kelly Spaans’ business.

But the now famous bra fence doesn’t simply sit idly by, no no – it’s on a mission. Rebranded to ‘Bradrona’ officially in 2015, the fence now serves to help raise money for breast cancer research, with visitors and spectators alike invited to donate via the donations box at the site.

At last estimate, the fence is said to have raised NZD $70,000 for the cause, which just goes to show what people power can do.

If you’re ever in New Zealand, make sure to head down to ‘Bradrona’ and donate a few dollars for a good cause, and marvel in the wackiness of the attraction.