Obsessed with Popping Pimples?

Well there’s a legitimate scientific reason why.

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Popping Pimples (source: Elite Daily)

If you’re a sicko like me, then popping pimples, either my own, my boyfriend’s or my brother’s sister’s uncle, is one hell of a time.

Don’t judge me I know you love it too.

There is something ever so satisfying about popping that pimp- but have you ever wondered just why we love it so much?

Well turns out there is a science behind this seemingly sick madness.

Nicole Karcinski, a certified psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner spoke to Sara Watson from media website Racked, revealing that the release of dopamine, that feel-good hormone that we experience after running or exercising is “truly the basis of (the) habit.” “We do it, we feel good. My sense is that it is more common in women.” "Clinically," she says, "women have been the only gender to report picking behavior in my practice."


So chicks love zits more than he’s love to squeeze. It all makes sense.

So forget about running girls and get into popping. You’ll feel better for it.

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