Nude Fitness?

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Nude Fitness (source: Nautilus Plus)

Ever dreamed of exercising in the nude? Me either really. But if for some reason you have, then dream no more, for the time has come to remove the lyrca and embrace that hot bod of yours.

Sick of buying overpriced, absurdly fluorescent exercise gear to get sweaty in when you hit the gym? Do you cringe when you see middle aged women (sorry mum) wearing breathable yet mortifying lyrca tanks reading live, love, laugh?

Me too.

Fortunately for us, my active wear opposed friends, a new fitness class recently launched in the UK that could see us forgetting gym wear forever.

But how? By exercising naked baby.

Shocked? Confused? Mildly interested? Let’s read on.

The first class was run in Southampton by recruitment consultant turned personal trainer Helen Smith, who is all about shedding the clothes to help shed those unwanted kilos.

The first class contained people ranging from 30 to 70 years of age and ran for an hour. It included exercises you would find in a typical cardio gym class from star jumps to push ups and even some partner work.

Seems legit.

Smith insists that the class has been designed to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies, encourage a ‘normal’ atmosphere around moving in the nude, as well as claiming that the lack of gym clothes helps you achieve greater form and correct postures etc.

Smith told The Sun UK “The main benefit of exercising naked is you can really see what the instructor is doing in the exercises…. You also don’t have to think about washing sweaty gym clothes after the class, and it’s a great way to celebrate the body.”

I do hate doing the washing so this all works out well.

Before attending the classes participants are made to pre-register and bring their ID on the day, to ensure nothing inappropriate eventuates.

Classes will continue to run across venues in London, so if you find yourself in that part of the world and want to know more then visit the Nude-ercise Facebook page.

Whilst rudey-nudey fitness classes are yet to have been established in Australia, I am hopeful that one day the trend will reach our sandy shores. Until then, it’s back to shamefully donning the fluoro.


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