Captain Underpants is Becoming a Movie

Hold on to your knickers fellas because Captain Underpants is coming to the big screen.

Captain Underpants, crowdink, crowd ink
Captain Underpants (source: GSU)

Yes, you read that right. Captain Underpants is no longer a distant memory from our childhood, but instead tipped to be the next big kids film of 2017.

Who tipped it? I did. So you know it’s official.

I haven’t been this happy since Prince Joffrey was slain on Game of Thrones or since my first boyfriend told me he didn’t love me anymore.

As a refresher, the story revolves around two young lads, George and Harold, who just love it and create a comic called Captain Underpants. Things go awry when Captain Underpants comes to life and the rest is a little hazy because I read it 12 years ago give me a break we all make mistakes.

Essentially, it was the book for ten-year- old boys around the globe in the early 2000’s and now it will be the movie for ten-year- old boys and twenty-two- year-old unemployed girls of 2017.

Check out the Dreamworks Animation trailer below and prepare for a whole lot of nostalgia.

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