Birthday Shots, Shots, Shots – Guilt Free!

Put down the tequila and pick up the wheat germ. Trust us.

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Birthday Shots

Turning another year older is scary! Just ask me. I just turned 23, and trust me, that was a shock to the system! However, it’s the beginning and the start of something special. You now have complete control over your life and what you do with it. Don’t forget to think about your health, as you get older, because we aren’t getting any younger ha-ha!

So you have turned another year older, not necessarily wiser, but hey we are all kids at heart. You want to celebrate, but don’t want to break your healthy cycle of good eating, no smoking, and no drinking; so basically your whole social life is on hold to maintain your health kick routine! Not to worry, there are other ways to celebrate your birthday without downing a row of vodka or tequila shots.

You can still enjoy your birthday shots, but if you’re serious about your health kick, you won’t hesitate to try this idea. If you have the time and energy, then collect your favourite fruits and get yourself a bag of wheat germ (it works wonders) and create yourself a blender-mixed fruit smoothie and pour into shot glasses. It is healthy, and you are still getting that desired effect of throwing your head back for that one hit of goodness!

Works out pretty well if you ask me; healthiness in one shot. Maybe do a whole row of these using different fruits and flavours; you would certainly be unique, without cheating from your routine.

What’s wheat germ, you ask? It is the most vitamin and mineral rich part of the wheat kernel. It is very healthy and if you are prone to breakouts add wheat germ to your meals for clear skin. It’s amazing! Many people don’t know how beneficial wheat germ actually is, and it is simple to eat. Just add it to your meals!

Spice up your birthday with a fruity twist! Who says shots need to be alcoholic?