Kendall Jenner’s “Destructive” Message to Girls

Why it’s not okay not to eat.

Kendall Jenner,, crowd ink, crowdink
Kendall Jenner (source: US Weekly)

A couple of weeks ago radio host and media personality Fifi Box called out Kendall Jenner on the reveal that she painted her living room wall pink in a bid to suppress her appetite.

When quizzed on why she has a pink feature wall in her home, the socialite turned model responded with a post on her blog stating,

“Baker-Miller Pink is the only colour scientifically proven to calm you and suppress your appetite.”

Oh goodness.

As a role model for women with over 74 million followers on Instagram, the decision she made to reveal the wall’s purpose was insensitive and a little bit ignorant, inadvertently endorsing the age old saying, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.


Box used her radio platform to call out this kind of dangerous suggestion, explaining that “anyone who’s had an eating disorder knows that you’ve got a life of hell ahead of you because you never break free of it… It’s messages like this that are so destructive to little girls.”

Women of influence have an unspoken obligation to use that influence for good and in this case, it seems Jenner did not.

Watch Fifi below giving an honest recount of Jenner’s reveal and see if you agree with her stance.