How COVID-19 Changed the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry took a huge hit from the COVID-19 outbreak

How COVID-19 Changed the Wedding Industry

COVID-19 has affected many businesses, big or small. With many cases of virus outbreak at weddings over the past year, couples would rather put their weddings on hold due to health and safety reasons.  As long as COVID-19 exists, businesses surrounding the wedding industry has to keep adjusting and adapting in order to thrive in the middle of the pandemic. Here’s how Covid-19 has changed the industry, possibly for good:

Virtual Wedding

Due to social distancing measures and avoiding the virus to spread, the number of guests will be very limited. Rather than risking virus outbreak at their wedding, couples would choose to live stream their wedding instead.


With Covid-19, all plans are always uncertain whether it is due to health concerns or government restrictions, couples would always appreciate flexibility on the vendor’s side. The flexibility that is expected from wedding vendors would include cancellation, full refunds and postponement.

Social Distancing Wedding

Guests are no longer allowed to sit next to each other with 1.5 m social distancing rule at weddings now. It is up to the vendors to keep it intimate and as normal as possible.

Elopement and Small Weddings

With the limited number of guests, couples would rather elope or do mini weddings. This way they don’t have to think about the health and safety measures.

No More Destination Weddings

Travel restrictions would make destination weddings highly impossible. Popular tropical destination wedding venues such as Bali or Hawaii are going to take a hit because of travel restrictions.

Covid-19 has changed the way everything works, especially wedding where people gather to celebrate an occassion. If you’re planning a “Covid wedding”, make sure you follow the health and safety protocols to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on your special day.