6 Aussie Vegan Clothing Brands You’ll Want to Take Your Money

Give your wardrobe an ethical make-over.

6 Aussie Vegan Clothing Brands You’ll Want to Take Your Money

You don’t have to be vegan to support these brands. Sustainable clothing practices are increasingly important in a society where fast fashion is thriving. All six of these brands place eco-friendly fashion at their forefront, and many give back to the community with your help. So if you’re overdue for a clothes shop, hop over to these websites to snap up some staples that are kind to the Earth.

  1. Tasi
    These guys make their garments from Tencel, a material made from wood, and plant a tree for every garment sold.
  2. Le Buns
    A brand focusing on undies and swimmers, who use plant-based fabrics, organic cotton and regenerated nylon.
  3. Indigo Luna
    These guys specialise in activewear, intimates and swimwear using upcycled nylon and plastic bottles.
  4. No Saints
    Fancy rocking a pair of apple or pineapple leather shoes? Look no further.
  5. Opia
    This brand donates their offcuts to the Indonesian communities where their garments are made so they can be repurposed into saleable market wares by locals.
  6. Etiko
    A online basics store which became the Southern Hemisphere’s first certified fairtrade brand.