The Gross Reason you Shouldn’t Wear Makeup at the gym

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Gym (source: Spectrum Fitness)

There are plenty of reasons why women wear makeup to gym. It may be because you came straight from work, or maybe you want to look good for a guy that’s just started there.

However, next time you think about wearing makeup to the gym think again.

Makeup actually stops your skin from breathing properly, especially during intensive exercise.

When makeup is worn during exercise, all the sweat and bacteria gets trapped under the layer of makeup.

Skin and Laser therapist at Face Plus Medispa, Yvonne Culhane, says this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

“Wearing makeup during a workout creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive – sweat is very acidic and disturbs the skin’s protective barrier, so waiting too long post workout to clean the skin may lead to issues such as clogged pores and acne.” She told Daily Mail.

The perfect environment for bacteria to thrive?! Yuck no thanks.

So what can we do to avoid nasty blocked pores and acne breakouts at gym?

Culhane recommends “cleansing the skin prior to working out as it removes any bacteria from the surface of the skin that might penetrate dilated pores.”

So always carry around a pack of makeup wipes before you go to the gym. You’ll thank yourself later!